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How to Ship

Whether you are shipping just-caught Alaskan seafood, West Coast produce or e-commerce packages destined for the East Coast, we have fast and reliable shipping solutions to suit your needs.

Pet Shippers

The process for shipping pets is different. Please visit our How to Transport Your Pet page for more details.

Request Online Access

Already a Known Shipper and need to request an online booking account? While many tools and features are available without an online account such as better tracking tools, notification options and enhanced shipping details, an online account is required to book online and access account management features.   Request your account here. 

Are you a business that plans to ship frequently?

Business are often already recognized by the TSA. Your business may qualify for an expedited Known Shipper application process if we can determine that your company is recognized by the TSA. Please visit our Business Known Shipper page for more information about applying or to complete the form to update your business shipping account information.


TSA provides IAC and CCSF statuses to Alaska Air Cargo directly. If you have questions or concerns regarding your IAC or CCSF status, please contact us

Business Known Shipper

Ready to start shipping cargo on behalf of a business or organization? If you need more information about the business approval process, see details here.

Confirm Your Eligibility to Ship

As the only passenger airline in the U.S. with dedicated cargo planes, shipping goods with us means that every customer must be a Known Shipper in compliance with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements, with few exceptions outlined below.

 These exceptions are:

  • If the shipment is moving entirely within the state of Alaska, or
  • If the shipment weighs under 16 oz. total, or
  • If the shipment may be moved entirely on freighter flights, or
  • If you are shipping a live animal using our Pet Connect service

For more information about becoming a Known Shipper, apply online or update an existing Known Shipper account profile, visit our Known Shipper page.

Individual Known Shipper

Ready to start shipping cargo on your own? If you would like more information about the individual approval process you can find details here.