Priority Air Freight

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Priority Air Freight is best for expedited delivery for larger shipments

Priority air freight is ideal for time-sensitive shipments that need next-day or overnight flight service. Priority service guarantees your shipments arrive at your destination by a specific time.* Alaska Air Cargo offers priority services for a variety of goods. Priority Seafood delivers reserved priority service for seafood shipments. Priority Perishable is available for perishable items, including cut flowers, tropical fish, aquatic plants, fishing bait, and foodstuffs including dairy products, meats, poultry, fruits and vegetables. Size and Weight Guidelines: The maximum weight for each piece is 300 pounds. Dimension restrictions also apply according to aircraft type.
Shipments will arrive at their destination within 12-48 hours, depending on origin and destination, and may be picked up at the destination airport two hours after flight arrival, guaranteed. Priority cargo must be accepted at the cargo facility at least two hours prior to scheduled aircraft departure. Dangerous goods and shipments traveling on freighter aircraft must be accepted at least four hours prior to scheduled aircraft departure.
Priority shipments are guaranteed* to arrive at their destination and be available for pickup within six hours of the booked arrival time. If we fail to deliver, the Priority service charge may be refunded up to the General shipment rate.
Shipping Priority Freight falls between our General shipping and GoldStreak next flight available service for reliable and affordable shipping options around our network.

* Priority air freight shipments must be booked in advance for the guarantee to apply. Priority guarantees do not apply to shipments of dangerous goods. All claims must be requested by customer within seven days of the service failure. Guarantee refund requests should be made at the city of origin or the destination city or by contacting us. Guarantee applicable to Alaska Airlines flights and flights operated by regional partners Horizon Air and SkyWest. Guarantee is for transportation charges only with the following restrictions: flight cancellation or delay due to air traffic control difficulties, weather or acts of God. Other restrictions may apply.