Shipping Wild Game

We accept shipments of finished products processed by a butcher, meat processor or taxidermist. We also accept shipments of antlers. Shipments must follow general shipping guidelines and be packaged to prevent leaks and noticeable odors.

Regulatory Compliance

Customers are responsible for complying with fish and wildlife regulatory requirements and should contact the appropriate state and federal government agencies for details and applicable permits, forms, labels or tags. 

In addition to the general requirements above, there are many specific regulations to consider when shipping goods of this nature, a few of which are highlighted below.

Labeling and Marking

All containers of seafood and wildlife (including shellfish) being shipped interstate must be marked according to the 1988 Lacey Act. A Fish/Wildlife sticker may be used by the shipper to provide required information. The following six items are to be prominently displayed on each shipment:

  • Name and address of shipper and consignee, or passenger. 
  • 24-hour phone number of the consignee or passenger. 
  • Commodity noted as Fish or Wildlife.
  • Specifies species name, such as: king salmon, moose, caribou, silver salmon. 
  • Number of each species or the weight of each typeof species. 
  • Each container must be marked Live, Fresh or Frozen.

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